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A Journey to the Essence


A Medicine is coming from Nature, to her asked and from her picked up with prayers and clear intention. And the same way it is eventually transformed into liquid, solid or gaseous state, from someone, for the spiritual, emotional and physical benefit of sentient beings who receive it.

Chaka means “bridge” in Quechua language. Bridge of culture, of traditions, bridge of consciousness.

Our aim is to connect local traditions from around the world. We want to recover & preserve ancestral roots and knowledges.

Chaka promotes natural and harmonic ways of thinking and acting, through products, workshops and retreats that help finding ways to shift the energy in a clear direction, for reconnection as well as self and collective healing and development.

As sellers we select natural, hand-prepared, locally-crafted pure essences, by small producers from different parts of the world.

 All items on sale are offered in the first place to preserve local handwork traditions & support indigenous communities where the products come from.

Our efforts and all our products are alined with a philosophy of love, respect and gratitude for Mother Earth.

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