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A journey through the essences to the center of the heart

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We select natural, hand-selected, locally-crafted pure essences made by small producers from different parts of the world.

 All products are sold to preserve local handwork traditions & support the  indigenous communities were the products come from.

All products are alined with a philosophy of respect and love for the gifts that mother Nature allow us to use.

By relaxing, energising, purifying or refreshing, the essences heal & lift the energy of body, mind and soul.

Our aim is to connect local traditions from around the world to recover & preserve ancestral roots.

Chaka promotes simple and natural forms of living, as well as events that teach ways to shift the energy in that direction, as a mirror for reconnection as well as self and collective healing and development.

Through natural essences we help ourselves to clean the heart and clear the mind, reconnecting with our true soul.


Read more about the origins of Chaka products.

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