Red Mirrah

Red Mirrah


Red Mirrah (15 sticks)

Ingredients: This line of incense consists of the major special resin plus 18 ingredients including precious woods, resins, herbs and spices. The line is ECOCERTified, 100% natural ingredients.

Origin:A shrub that reaches ten meters in height and grows exclusively in eastern Africa and on the Arabian peninsula.

Form: Myrrh is a natural oleoresin and it solidifies upon contact with the air and the sunlight

Uses: Sources dating back to 3700 years ago testify t its use in perfumery.For centuries it has been used as an anti-inflammatory and healing remedy. According to ancient ayurvedic medicine, this resin brings inner peace, rejuvenates and revitalizes the mind, purifies the aura and dispels distracting factors during times of meditation and prayer.

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