Chakra Essential Oils

Blend of the finest essential oils, a powerful tool for activating & balancing the chakras along the body.

The essential oils for the Chakra are prepared following the old teachings of indian Holistic Medicine according to the recipe of the famous Italian Yogi Master Maurizio Morelli, head of the Hamsa - Libera Scuola Di Hatha Yoga in Milan.

Suitable for aromatherapy oil diffuser, sauna, topic usage or diluted for massage.

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5 ml


Healing therapy pure essential oils

Selection of essential & absolute oils traditionally used around the World in rituals or healing treatments for lifting, harmonising or cleansing body & spirit.

Fair traded essences from trusted sources, produced with love & respect to nature. 

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5 ml



South American essential oils limited edition

Selection of healing essences distilled with love & respect from regional plants in Peru.

Essences produced & energized with ceremonial singing & sacred tobacco smoke from Lucy Pedragas, Peruvian medicine woman & herb specialist. 

5 ml

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Body Oils

The body oils are on sale till end of stock for 50% of the price.

From Peru, and mixed with jojoba & almond oil. 

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50 ml


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